We Are Rebooting Our Online Classics Book Club!

How many times have you thought about reading weighty tomes like Paradise Lost, Ulysses, Dante’s Inferno, Infinite Jest and War and Peace?

We’re excited to announce that we’re rebooting our “Check It Off” book club with a new title and some new energy. Now called the “Bucket List Book Club” it’s going to be a social media book club dedicated to tackling those epic titles you’ve always wanted to read but haven’t gotten around to yet.

Since the primary way we’ll be meeting is online via a Facebook group there’s no need to take time out of your busy schedule, request time off work, hire a babysitter or cancel other plans to attend a meeting in person. All you have to do is join the Facebook group and see what we’re reading then check the book out at your nearest NCRL location and jump into the discussion online!

First things first though – we would like you to weigh in on what we should read this fall!

Do you have a classic work of literature you’ve been wanting to check off your bucket list? Take this very short two-question survey and tell us what you want to read first. Then we’ll pick the most popular classic to start things off.

Impress your friends, dazzle your family and be the envy of bibliophiles everywhere – join our Bucket List Book Club! It’s a lot easier to climb a mountain with friends so let’s embark upon this adventure and scale some of the most imposing works of literature together.

Join the Bucket List Book Club here and help us spread the word! Please share with your friends and family as well as anyone you know who loves to read and wants to check some of the best books ever off their list with us.