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A library card is free for anyone who lives or owns property in Chelan, Douglas, Ferry, Grant, or Okanogan counties.* Not a resident? Learn about our reciprocal and fee cards.
*Residents outside of our service area, or in non-contracting communities are eligible for a fee card.

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Item Due Dates

We know that you have a lot going on, and we're passionate about making the library as convenient as possible. Items can be returned to any of our libraries, no matter where they were borrowed from (including our Mail Order Library).

When your items are due, we'll send you an email or automated phone message reminding you to renew or return them. You can change your messaging preferences at any time.

We do not charge late fees for most overdue items,* but we will ask you to pay a replacement price if the item is lost (more than 70 days overdue) or is returned damaged. Fines can be paid with cash or checks at any of our libraries. Unfortunately, credit and debit cards are not accepted at this time.

Item Type


Checkout Period 



Books    28 days   2
Audiobooks    14 days   2
Magazines    14 days   2
Music CDs    14 days   2
eBooks & eAudio   21 days   unlimited
DVDs    7 days   2
DVDs with a runtime of 5 hours or more   21 days   2
Interlibrary Loan    varies   0


Items that other borrowers are waiting for and items checked out through our Interlibrary Loan service are not eligible for renewal.

*Depending on the policy of the lending library, items borrowed through Interlibrary Loan may have late fees.

How to Access Your Account

You can access your library account by logging in to our online catalog. From here, you can:

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